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Many people going through separation and divorce will need to relocate, downsize, or declutter. Organizing Matters is a separate service offered by Divorce Matters to assist clients in a variety of ways including providing an unbiased eye to help decide what should be kept and what should be given away. We can help negotiate the division of household possessions in a non-confrontational manner.

Organizing Matters also has expertise with tasks such as:

  • downsizing or moving
  • separation of household possessions between spouses
  • setting up new living arrangements
  • setting up new home offices
  • organizing existing home offices
  • budgeting
  • paying bills
  • generally decluttering

In addition to these services, Organizing Matters has developed decluttering guides and moving checklists to assist you.

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If you’re feeling overwhelmed by your possessions, uncertain how to begin, or need help organizing a change in your life, Organizing Matters can help.

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A divorce organized by Divorce Matters will help you:

• Simplify the divorce process
• Reduce your legal fees
• Organize all important aspects of
your divorce
• Regain control of your life